The one thing that trumps COVID-19...

It amazes me that in the mist of a pandemic, in the middle of extreme division, in the chiasm of unprecedented times and immense fear of the unknown, one thing remains steady.

And that thing is love 😍🥰❤️.

As an OBGYN, I’m amazed that two humans are still creating life through their love, people are still showing off their amazing bling on social media after an epic proposal, lovebirds are still finding creative ways to celebrate their passion for one another.

I think of the Bible verse in 1 Corinthians 13--love conquers all. And it is so dang true! Love is the most powerful force that exists. Love overcomes fear, hatred, division, and darkness.

Love brings life and laughter into people's hearts. Love pushes away pride and opens us up to a world of vulnerability and intimacy with others.

I think that the power of love continues to exist despite the scary times we live in because God is love. And since He is powerful, then by default love has to be powerful.

I think of the sun on a cloudy day. It just fascinates me that even then, when you decide to stare directly into that mega star hidden behind those cumulus clouds, you still have to squint.

That’s how powerful love is! Even when it is overshadowed by pandemics and election woes and financial woes and death and so on and so on, it still remains— as steady and as true as ever!!!

Tap into the life-giving power of love. Love makes the world better. Love makes us feel okay.

Get to know Love. Love came down to earth in the form of a human, lived a sinless life, healed a bunch of people, inspired many, died on a cross, took the sin of the world upon Himself, dropped sin off in Hell, and rose in victory.

Love is Jesus! Love is God. Love is good.

That’s the redeeming, life giving, restoring, revitalizing power of love.

Wishing everyone a beautiful and Merry Christmas.

Remember the reason for the season. To know Love and then share that love with others.




Fun Facts about Jenn Jenn

One of my favorite colors is jade green. I'm sure you can tell by my social media platforms. I once had a cute little Nissan Sentra called Jade. Unfortunately I let someone borrow the car and they got into an accident. They were okay by baby Jade didn't make it. 😢

I loved that car.

But now aI got Lady Black so I guess it's alright. Lol


Jenn Jenn Vibes

Such a fun song!

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