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Hey, it's nerd Jenn here! 👋🏾


Hang tight while I explain a little bit about our solar system, and I promise you, it's all gonna tie together. Hehe 😉

So, I was thinking about the Sun 🌞, you know the big ol' ball of fire that the Earth rotates around. It literally is a lifeline. If the Sun didn't exist, the Earth would be an ice cube— so frozen that it would be uninhabitable for humans and animals. The Sun also helps plants to do their photosynthesis shenanigans, which essentially allows them to convert sunlight into fuel/food that they use to grow and thrive. That process also allows plants to produce oxygen that we humans need to live.

Imagine if the Sun decided that it was too scared, been hurt too many times, was offended by Jupiter's Great Red Eye or wished it has Saturn's ring 🪐. What if the Sun decided it was just tired of it all and wanted to give up on what it was made to do? 🫣

Yeah, ummm we definitely wouldn't be alive, y'all. That would be the end for us humans. 🥴


Ok, nerd Jenn is departing. And cool Jenn is coming! Haha.


So I met up with my First Lady at church a couple weeks back to grab a quick bite to eat and chat, and this Sun-purpose analogy came up.

I am reminded that each and every one of us has a special purpose to fulfill on this Earth. Not so that we can become rich and buy a Rolls-Royce or marry that celebrity we have always crushed on. Our purpose is HUGE! It's bigger than our small wishes to live a soft life (but that is totally my goal- low key lol 😎). What we are called to do on this Earth will help somebody's life become better!

I remember a couple years back I went to a Travis Greene concert. Side note- if you haven't been to one of his concerts you must. It was LIT!! I haven't danced that much as a gospel concert, ever!

Anyway, so one thing I love about music and musicians is learning the backstory on what lead them to write the song. Before Travis sang one of my favorite songs, Be Still, he mentioned in the earlier parts of his ministry he desired so badly to make it as a big gospel artist. And he said God completely allowed for those door to remain tightly closed until He gave every desire and selfish ambition over to God. And as soon as he relinquished his desire to be praised but rather for God to be praised, is when God busted the doors wide open in his ministry. And from the lessons he learned in that dry season, Be Still was produced.

Be Still had blessed me is such a deep way when it first came out and helped carry me through a tough season I was also going through.

I was in tears as he was singing that song at the concert and it just made me think. Wow, so Travis could have decided to stay in a specific mindset and posture and could have not been used by God to write such a touching song. But, he decided to learn a couple hard lessons and humble himself before God. And little did he know that his obedience could bless some girl like me.

And my life being blessed by Travis I know will help someone else and that someone else with then help another someone else and so on and so on. And then we will just have an awesome domino effect of positive, effective change! ✨✨


YOU, my dear, have a great purpose! And your purpose, sure it may not be as significant as the Sun supplying sunlight to the Earth to make it habitable for humankind, but your purpose is specific and you are totally needed to accomplish it. Souls depend on it! Generations of people depend on you living out your purpose and being obedient to that very calling.

Somebody out there is needing to hear your story to encourage them and stop them from committing suicide.

Somebody out there is feeling lost and confused and needs your guidance and mentorship.

Somebody out there is needing to encounter you to know that their mistakes in the past do not determine who they are or their future.

YOU are called to do sooooo much more! Don't shrink back, Sun! Stand tall and blaze brightly, Sun. Let your embers burn and let your heat emanate and touch every situation, every thing, every person it is suppose to and cause them to do so exactly what you are doing!

Be the Sun you were always meant to be.

Jupiter is doing the things it's called to do.

Saturn is out there minding its own business and staying it its lane.

You are not behind.

You are not too late.

You are right on time.

You have not made too many mistakes.

But, start now! It only takes you making one foot step in the direction God called you to. Just walk it out, one foot in front of the other. And I believe this for you and I both, that God will strengthen us to accomplish exactly what He destined for us to accomplish.

Matthew 5:14-16
You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lamp stand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven



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