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Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Á La Catedral Nacional

My second post written during my time in El Salvador during a medical missions trip after my first year of medical school. I wrote this 6 years ago. I hope you enjoy.

El Salvador escapades día 2: 06/15/2013

You! You are chosen! You are loved! You have a calling. You have a purpose on this earth! (Psalm 139).

I’m plopped down on a living room chair with my classmates to the left of me and some sitting across from me. The melodies drone-- strings of the classic guitar-- and danced around the room as a classmate skillfully moved his fingers over the guitar strings. Another talked, passionately about the epidemic of low self esteem and the way mass media exasperates, perpetuates, and exacerbates this issue. I love these deep talks about institutionalized mindsets and how it can be overcome with empowerment, hope, and inspiration.

It was kind of interesting how my day today made full circle. The discussions my mates and I had at the end of the day was sort of like a déjà vu experience from earlier that day.

So earlier that day we began with talks of the impactful leader I spoke about in my last post, the late Monseñor Oscar A. Romero; the Archbishop of San Salvador, El Salvador, who fought for justice and equality for the nation’s people. We went to the La Divinia Providencia a hospital/small church where Romero was assassinated. During our time there our group director told us how Romero knew he had a calling by God to be a martyr to the cause of injustice and inequity. One statement the director made that really resonated with me was when he said that yes, it is indeed true that Romero had a calling, but it was through his surrenderance that he was able to act on that calling. So it took an active step of faith for him to rise and say yes!

After making this statement he directed for all of us to remove our shoes and stand on the alter in a larger circle, all holding hands. We stood in the exact spot in which Romero was killed, 33 years ago– on March 24th , 1980 to be exact. Our director then urged us all to think about what it is we have a calling to do in this life? What issues in your community do you, loved ones or even strangers in the community face that needs fixing? What is your purpose here?

In this intimate moment with hands and hearts all connected, we began to share aloud what we wish to do in this life. Some prayed for courage as great as Romero’s, some prayed for revelation to be able to see the need on front of their eyes, and I prayed for a strong faith and courage to not only to hear God’s will for my life but also act accordingly.

Now let’s fast forward a couple hours. As the sound of classical acoustic guitar songs string around and around this small room my classmates and I sit in, we discuss issues that we are passionate about, how we can solve them, and what is a hope for the future.

So theme for the night is tú, or on other words you! You can be the hope for a hopeless vessel, you can be the light for a dark city, you can be the change no one ever thought was possible. You! Yes you! Are important and necessary to the finishing if this beautiful mosaic called life. Every piece of the puzzle is necessary, and no piece is accidental.




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