My Latest Project: The Place of Purpose

So God placed on my heart, probably about a year ago, to launch this interview series. And I am grateful that I have been able to execute the project with the help of some amazing people from my church and all the wonderful interviewees.

The people who helped me make this possible you know who you are 😉--thank you.

I will do less talking and allow you to watch the videos. I believe they speak for themselves.



As I prepare to release this epic and powerful interview series. I want to bless one lucky person with a giveaway that will take place from Jan 1-Jan 15. Episode 1 for the interview series will drop Feb 6th and will be released weekly.

How to participate in the giveaway

1️⃣Follow me on IG (@iamjennaddo). Click this link to be automatically directed ➡️➡️ LINK

2️⃣ Subscribe to my blog page (

3️⃣Tell as many friends to do #1 and #2. Email me ( or DM me (on instagram) the names of those who recommended for you do follow and subscribe.

4️⃣ Whoever gets the most people to do #1 and #2 wins: $300 worth of gifts (amazing books, gift cards, etc) and 1 hour personal video call with yours truly. 🎉🎉

Dates for the giveaway are Jan 1-15. The winner will be announced Jan 17.

May the games begin and may the best (wo)man win. 😁


Fun Facts about Jenn Jenn

I'm really big on introspection and taking inventory of my life, actions, motives etc. I consider my birthday to be my new year. And every "new year," I come up with a theme verse for my life and write down goals I hope to set.

My verse for this year is Psalm 16:5-6 (AMPC)

The Lord is my chosen and assigned portion, my cup; You hold and maintain my lot. The Lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; yes, I have a good heritage.


Jenn Jenn Vibes

Super powerful song! All the glory belongs to God!


Enjoy the song. 😄

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