Orange and yellow

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

El Salvador escapades semana 4

El fin

Jul 7, 2013

So it’s my last week of the El Salvadorian experience– what a bitter sweet sensation 😔. I’m siting in a very cute restaurant called Los Almendros de San Lorenzo listening to one my med mates serenading all the guests’ ears with his melodious notes on the guitar. My eyes are scanning the entire restaurant–oh the ambiance, the candles, the couples… It’s just wonderful! And as I’m surveying the entire place, my eyes fall on these orange and yellow lights entangled artistically in a tree. I don’t know how or why my eye caught these warmed toned illuminators, but one thing I know for sure is that it definitely put a warm smile on my face.

Warm. That’s the best word to describe El Salvador and the town I spend most of my days and nights, Aguacayo. The family I lived with, our driver, the neighbors, my Spanish teacher, and even random people I saw on the street, they all touched my heart with their warm smile, a few short words of greeting, “buenas”, or a simple waving gesture.

I’ll really miss El Salvador and my experiences here, both the good and the bad. The breathtaking scenes, re-learning the Spanish language, the bugs, the rainy days, the overwhelming heat, the children, the close knit communities, the food, the clinics and the patients. As the good, the color orange; and the bad, color yellow, mix and collide with one another they intertwine and melt all together to form the perfect mix. Warm, comfortable, soothing, amiable, approachable.

Not too sure how my gaze caught those simple, yet enthralling shimmering lights, but I am glad. They help to sum up my El Salvadorian experience.

Orange and yellow



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