Why are Christians so Judgmental?

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Christians are known to be judgmental, prideful, hypocritical, condescending. And this definitely steers people away from wanting to know more about Jesus and His amazing love for you and me. I want you to see my take on this topic.

You know, when I think about Jesus and his heart for people, one of the stories that comes to mind is where He performed His first miracle—Jesus turned water into wine. So, to sum it up, Jesus goes to this wedding reception party. The partiers are partying hard and the alcohol runs out (they too turnt, y'all 😂). So Jesus tells some of the waiters to get big jugs, fill it with water, and take it to the overseer of the banquet to taste. At the moment he tasted the water, it was changed into wine. The party guest start po’ing it up again. The overseer tells the groom, “Yo, normally at the end of the party when everyone has drunk well that’s when the hosts bring out the bad alcohol, but you brought out the finest of wines!”

Why is Jesus so cool? Well first off, (1) Jesus is bad and bougie with his fine wine serving self, so He just got it like that, periodt. Lol. But second, (2) a question I have always asked myself is how was Jesus, who was legit the holiest human known to the face of the Earth, invited to a party with drinking and turning up? Clearly these people liked Him enough to invite Him, but Jesus didn’t compromise His standards.

I didn't think it was possible to have real fun and be a Bible believing Christian. And to be honest with you, I am still growing in my walk with God and understanding balance of me being comfortable with who I am what I will and will not do, and not being a Judgey Anne.

I use to be hard core; I wouldn’t listen to any music outside of Gospel or Christian contemporary; I stopped clubbing and I distanced myself from old friends who were clubbing; every advice I gave had some real spiritual sounding Jesus-filled response in there. I can only imagine how many internal eye rolls my friends, family and acquaintances gave me, because I am rolling my eyes at myself right now. Ha!

This reminds me a little bit of the pharisees. They were religious leaders during Jesus’s time. These individuals were part of the Jewish religious group; they basically thought they were the best thing since sliced bread. With their tongues, they knew the law backwards and forward, but with their hearts the were the absolute worst of people. They were total hypocrites. They condemned or punished people who did not obey the law, yet they did not obey it themselves.

"The law" is the requirement/standard set in place to be considered righteous (in right standing with God), but thank God for Jesus who took the punishment and died so that we can be set free from the punishment we deserved. They were selfish and just loved to be praised and put into positions of authority and power. They were of no help to the people in the community who were in need.

These two verses sum up how the pharisees were:

Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness

-Matthew 23:27-28

There is one story I think about where the pharisees catch a women in the act of adultery (basically she was being intimate with someone who was not her husband), and the pharisees dragged this woman out into the dirt and were literally about to stone her to death.

One question I ask is where was the man she was with and why didn't they drag him out?! But that's a discussion for another time. But anyway, so they drag this woman out and Jesus came in and shut the whole show down!

Jesus basically told the pharisees if y'all have never committed a sin you can go ahead and throw a stone at her and kill her.

Clearly no one is perfect and we have all sinned. So one by one each man dropped their stones and left. Jesus then spoke to the woman and said, look around and tell me who is here to punish you. No one! You are free just don't sin anymore. What a man!😍(Scriptural reference: John 8:1-11)

Jesus's love is what captured and continues to capture me. His love is what won me over. His ability to overlook my hotmessness and flaws is what transformed my life. So how dare I then go and judge someone else?

God calls us to love, y'all. Point. Blank. Periodt! Don't be like the pharisees, judging folk when you have no right to. Just love!

And my prayer is that God helps me in my love walk to love Him first off, love and accept myself more and more, and love my neighbor as I am learning to love myself.

I pray that I can be as cool as Jesus, who is invited to parties by people that seem outside of my culture or religious view or outlook on life. But nonetheless, these people invite me because they know they are loved by me, no matter what.

Jesus help us to love as purely as you do. And thank you that your love doesn't leave us the same but it causes us to be transformed into a better more clearer version of who you say we are!

We love you, Jesus.



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