He is risen

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Around Resurrection Sunday last year, I remember lying in bed just thanking God for life and redeeming me, healing me from pain and shame that I recently endured. And a ray of sunlight shone on my face. The warmth was so refreshing. It just reminded me of how the sun sets but rises again every morning. Such a reminder that God so love us and cares that we stay warm, that we have photosynthesis taking place so we can produce crops for food (I’m a nerd sorry y’all), and that He won’t leave us in darkness. This is the poem that came out of that moment...

Like the sun that sets but rises again.

Like the waves that wane but waxes again.

Like the leaves and flowers that wither in the crisp fall air

But blossom with vigor and vibrancy as the feathered creatures gracefully land on their branches emitting echoing chirps in the warm spring air.

There is redemption, the universe cries out I am redeemed.

What a reminder!

Daily, on beach vacations, at the changing of the seasons, atonement comes on the scene. The King fell... a gruesome, horrific, tragic fall.

Inside of that pain is a redemption story.

Three days he toiled in Sheol.

Three days he endures hell, for me

So that I could be redeemed.

He took my place.

And on the third day He Rose!

Hope everyone had a great Resurrection Sunday



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Jesus never lost a battle including the battle against death, sin and the grave. He is victorious and because of that victory we are victorious too!!!

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