It was my first tIme 🙊🙊!

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

El SalVador escapades semana 3

Jul 1, 2013

So this week has truly flown by! But I loved every minute of it. As I sit here in Spanish class reflecting on all I’ve done and how my perspectives can be altered for the better, I decide on a title for this post, Número Uno– or in an another part of the world, it’s called number one.

This week has been a week of firsts for me. I road on my first motorcycle, with one of the doctors in the clinics, to go to a remote part of town for patient visits. I was uber scared at first, but I just took in a deep breath and decided to enjoy the journey.

My other first was rock climbing. My mates, Spanish teachers, and I went to Cascadas Los Tercios to see a waterfall, but sadly, or maybe thankfully, it was like 100degrees F outside 😳😳, so all the water dried up. And since all the water evaporated away, we were able to climb the rocks– no harness, nothing, just free styling, without fear, reaching for the top. It was such an interesting experience for me considering how much I dislike anything outdoors. Anywho, I was very proud of my ability to try new, adventurous things this trip. And they shall continue this weekend, as we go hiking up an old volcano in El Salvador.

One. Primary. First.#1…There is a first for everything. First time feeling the warm breeze of El Salvadorian air softly brushing your face as you zoom across the country road on the back of a motorcycle. Or the first time smiling as you look down at the view of massive smooth black and gray mixed stone you just climbed to reach the top of an overheated waterfall.

There’s also a first time to experience love or a first kiss, to receive an award or diploma, or to lift up your hands and jam at your first musical concert. There is also a first time to experience heart ache and heart break, to experience failure and setbacks, and also a first time to put your hands up in prayer/ surrender and ask for help when things go wrong.

The awesome thing about firsts or maybe even seconds and thirds is that each experience can be used to produce something beautiful. Ashes can be made into beauty. It all depends on how you use that experience to either teach you something new, or smolder you and reinforce the old.

I could have taken my two awesome firsts this week and decided to be scared through the entire process, and I would have hated and dreaded every moment of it, but I decided to do the exact opposite. I chose to take my firsts as a learning opportunity, to expand my Madam Jennifer adventure resume 😉, and to stretch myself a bit in terms of confronting my fears. And in doing so, I’ve realized I’m capable of more than I thought I ever was.

Through my firsts for week two, I’m able to smile and pat myself on the back. I will continue to fill my resume of life with firsts, seconds and thirds.

Stay tuned for the adventures of JennJenn 😉😉.

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