Really!?! Another Friend Engaged!! When's My Turn!!!?

What do you do when you so badly want to be happy when other people are blessed with finding love, job promotions, becoming pregnant, paying off all their debt? Sometimes envy and jealous sets in real hard. I can say I have been there time and time again. But, God has a specific and unique plan for your life. And the plan that God has in store for you will come to pass in the specific timeframe that He says is good-- for your good!

I hope this message encourages you!


I am a first generation American. So technically I am your true African-American, lol. My parents were born and raised in Ghana, West Africa; they moved to the States in the mid 80s. I am so proud of my culture, but I use to not feel this way growing up. I was teased a lot in school and was asked if my family lived in huts and had tigers as pets. Smh. And also the way Africa was portrayed on mainstream media was not in the best of lights. So I use to lie and say my parents had an accent because they were from Jamaica. Oh em gee! lol. I'm grateful for growth and so proud to know my roots. #GhanaianGal


Jenn Jenn Vibes

I love Afrobeats music. And it's nice seeing the fusion of cultures with African culture permeating into Western culture in a positive light. Shout out to all my Africans out there.

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