Daddy Wounds

The role of the father is a paramount one, indeed. The father nurtures, protects, encourages, cultivates, affirms, empowers, uplifts, brings out the best in, sees the best in, and unconditionally loves his child. The father disciplines his child, not with an intent of powering up on the child, but to prepare the child for the bright future ahead. Discipline is an act of love not abuse. The father guides and helps steer the child's life not with the goal of being controlling, but in efforts of protecting. Yet at the same time, the father allows the child to have autonomy and room to explore and make mistakes, knowing that experiences are also an important teacher in the school of life. The father rewards the child, not because of deeds done right, but simply because his same blood runs through the child's veins. It's an act of love that spurs the child on to walk with confidence in who they are and whose got his/her back--daddy! The father also shows his love through his amor and shield that he puts around his child. Protection shows the child that they are worth fending for, that he/she are special enough to fight for this/her well-being and protection. This act infuses the child with confidence that they are a priced possession and worthy.

I love my father deeply. He is my daddy, periodt! But I didn't know all these aforementioned truths of a father through my dad, but through My Father in Heaven. No human is perfect, and I know my dad has his own set of flaws, imperfections, and life experiences that have molded his walk in this life. But, nonetheless, we have an immaculate Father is Heaven! He is not the epitome of perfect, He IS the definition of perfection. He is without flaw, blemish, sin, error. He is truly does deserve ALL of our praise simply because of who He is.

And this perfect God loves you with the most passionate, intense, endless love. If Father's Day leaves you feeling sad, hopeless, hurt, disheartened, bitter, angry, or lost, do not worry. Look to Our Heavenly Father. His love for you is so clearly demonstrated through his actions. We know that actions speak louder than words, right? God sent his only begotten son, Jesus. Jesus who was sitting in Heaven enjoying peace, perfect existence without struggle, hatred, pain, discomfort--that Jesus. He sent him down to the dusty earth to live as a human, experience hardships, persecution, betrayal, pain, and ultimately crucifixion on a cross and death. This act was performed so that Jesus could take our pain, shame, sin, wrong doings, errors, affix it to a cross and carry it down to the pit of hell and leave it there. So that when He rose again on the third day, we could also rise with Him in victory. That right there is the most epic love story. God loves you! So even if your father has forsaken you, God will take you in as His child. You are not an orphan! You are totally loved by God!

Enjoy celebrating Father's Day! Even if you can't celebrate with your earthly father, know you have an amazing Father in Heaven!



I beautiful declaration of the love of a father for his children

Preston Perry- Eden

Jonathan Hesler- Abba (inspire the piece I wrote above)

Excerpt from my journal during one of my sweet communions with my Daddy (God)


In the name of Jesus

I denounce low self-esteem from daddy wounds

I bind the spirit of fear of being like earthy parents

I break the chain of hurt from abuse and hardship

I trample over deception, manipulation and dishonesty

I crush unforgiveness underfoot

I breath you in ABBA

I love you deeply. I love you Abba. Jesus, my Savior and God, I adore you.

I am madly in love with you, Abba, because you first loved me.

I belong to you ABBA.

ABBA, I belong to you.


Fun Facts About Jenn Jenn

I'm a jack of all trades and a master of known, lol. I play the piano and flute, was involved in sports in high school and use to be pretty decent at speaking Spanish, not so much my dad's language Twi.

Rather than trying so many different things, I wish I cultivated one to two of those skills. But thankfully it's not too late. I really would like to pick up the piano again and take private singing lessons. I really want to become fluent in Twi and Spanish. And because of my boo and best friend I have to learn French which he's fluent in. Hopefully I can work on becoming a master in these skills after residency.


Jenn Jenn Vibes

Shekinah Sings.

Beautiful, beautiful spontaneous worship.

I hope you enjoy. It totally blessed me.

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