I'm Dr. Jenn 

Christ Lover. OBGYN. Author. Business Woman.

I originally started blogging in 2013, in medical school, when some friends asked to vicariously live out my med school days through my posts. But little did I know I would journal about the tough topics of life, shame, hurt, and pain and started a journey of finding my purpose and freedom. 

From sexual abuse as a child, to family dysfunction, self-hatred, low self-esteem, to an unhealthy, toxic marriage leading to a divorce. I have dealt with a lot of mess, but God has restored and continues to restore me, and remove every ounce of shame, guilt and brokenness. He turned my ashes into something beautiful!


I want every woman no matter how "squeaky clean" or tainted their past and/or present is, God has a future for you! And that future is a good one, indeed!


I am also an OBGYN physician practicing in my home state of Georgia. I am passionate about helping women understand their health and know how to take charge of not just the spiritual and emotional (as I noted above), but also the physical aspects of their life. 


I pray after spending a little time on this site you will walk away knowing that

Your ashes make a masterpiece!